Financial Advisory

Audit and strategy

RFP’s financial advisory begins with an in-depth audit to understand your long term goals and investment profile. We pay great attention to every aspect of your wealth: what is your family situation? What are the future milestones, your risk profile and tax environment? This information is invaluable to build an investment plan that is unique to you.

We present you our recommendations among private banks, insurance companies and the wide range of portfolio solutions available. We leave nothing uncovered as we examine together their strengths, weaknesses and costs. Our transparency gives you the insight to make the right choices.

On-going investment management

Twice a year a meeting is scheduled to analyse the past six months’ performance and adjust the portfolio according to the economic environment and changes in your goals. We have a proactive approach to financial advisory and can suggest additional follow-ups, should unexpected changes in the environment occur.

The investment solutions we offer

Our expertise spans over a wide range of financial products (shares, bonds, funds ...) and supports, either French and international.

Assurance Vie, the cornerstone of investments in France

Assurance Vie is the most popular form of capital investment in France, because income, capital gains and inheritance taxes are below those provided by a bank. It is provided by an insurance company. An Assurance Vie is a container that gives complete freedom to build a portfolio that matches the client’s performance and risk objectives.

Alongside the Assurance Vie, we can provide the standard banking portfolio: Comptes Titres, Plan d’Epargne en Actions and Contrats de Capitalisation.

Why choose RFP for your wealth management?

Our international financial advice fits your wealth like a glove.

We are independent and offer unbiased advice. Our objective is to guide our clients to achieve their financial goals. As we are not bound with a particular bank, its policies and seasonal promotions, we can tailor our solution to fit perfectly the unique needs of our client.

“I don’t know if your problem can be solved, but if there is a solution, we will strive to find it”
— Yves Derrien

Each of our clients is extra-ordinary. Your wealth is diverse and spans across borders. We commit to understanding it in-depth and to applying our high level of international expertise to managing your wealth smartly.

We are a French team and have worked for over 30 years in French private banks. We know the French finance, estate and tax laws and how to optimise wealth management in this environment.

The RFP experts have a family-office approach to your financial needs. We work alongside a network of lawyers, estate agents, solicitors, accountants and insurance brokers in the French Riviera who can address the other aspects of your investment.

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Financial advisors by your side. Truly.

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